2017 Corponomy, A Performance Lecture



‘Corponomy’ A Performance Lecture, courtesy of Esplanade photo by Bernie Ng

Corponomy, A Performance Lecture

“Eisa Jocson fleshes out the Philippine body as a body of entertainment that mediates the pedagogy of its source, mimics its habits, and complicates the nature of the body. “
– quoted from ‘Affective Labor and the Philippine Body’ by Dr. Patrick Flores

From pole dancing and macho dancing to hostess and princess, Eisa Jocson’s body becomes an archive of performative labour techniques that unpacks identity and gender formation, seduction politics and Filipino social mobility.

Corponomy is conceived as a performance lecture, which reveals different layers of processes involved in each role transformation. Going through the artist’s personal archive of various movement research and training, including documentation of mentor-student transmissions, Eisa Jocson shares the narratives and production of the multiple bodies inhabiting her artistic practice.

Interfacing video, text, sound and live demonstration and reconstruction, Corponomy discloses different physical regimes that construct each embodiment, as well as the socio-cultural body politics embedded in movement language, social mobility and migration.

The performance-lecture includes investigations into the politics of pole dancing (Death Of The Pole Dancer, 2011), macho dancing (Macho Dancer, 2013), Filipino hostess culture in Japan (Host, 2015) and Filipino entertainers working in Disneyland (Princess, 2017).


Concept & Performance: Eisa Jocson
Dramaturgy: Tang Fu Kuen
Production & Technical Management: Yap Seok Hui | ARTFACTORY

Premiere: 27 October 2017 at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore

Corponomy is commissioned by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay for da:ns festival. Corponomy was developed in residence at Performance Space, Sydney.


‘Corponomy’ A Performance Lecture, courtesy of Esplanade photo by Bernie Ng