2014 Philippine Macho Academy


Philippine Macho Academy

Exhibition Notes

Eisa Jocson is an artist in the field of performance. Her research on the practice of macho dancing, or dancing by male performers in a gay bar, had culminated in a performance piece titled “Macho dancer.”She elaborated on this project in the exhibition “Philippine Macho Academy:” a fictive structure or institution that serves as a classroom where the principles of macho dancing in the Philippines are fleshed out and conveyed.

This exhibition is a documentation of Jocson’s research and articulation of macho dance movement vocabulary. It comprises artifacts, texts, drawings, video, installation, and performance. It is a course on the physical principles of macho dancing based on a syllabus designed through a woman artist’s macho dance practice. Central in this project is the affective labor of man performed in the woman’s body. The latter undergoes both physical change and social habit, ultimately complicating the notions of feminine and the macho.

All this is fleshed out in the body and its movement. The artist makes ample reference to it in the form of drawing and performance, as well as the ethnographic details of her research and collaboration with practitioners. She also notates it in the modernist method of rendering turns of the body graphic, and so reflecting on erotic desire and the devices of modernity. This is her articulation of a striptease: a laying bare of the gendered body that finally becomes queer.


Curation and exhibition notes : Patrick Flores, Macho Class with UP Dance Students, Macho video documentations: Brandon Relucio, Basic Macho Vocabulary zine layout: Brian Sergio. PMA Instructional recordings voice by Jk Anicoche, Sound engineering: Teresa Barrozo, Technical assistance: Ninya Bedruz, Master macho dancer: Marco Era.


PMA_entrancePMA_LabanPMA_Classroom viewPMA_work tablePMA_ManualPMA_artifactsPMA_4big drawingsPMA_drawingsPMA_bootsPMA_Cross Front



Patrick Flores, Arco Renz, Fu Kuen Tang, Jk Anicoche, Joshua Serafin, Jomelle Era, Ninya Bedruz, Leeroy New, Sarah Salazar, UP Dance, Herbert Alvarez, Angel Lawenko, Teresa Barrozo, Brandon Relucio, Brian Sergio, Geri & Dan Gil, Brendan Goco, Naty Jocson





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