2010 Apollo 11

Apollo 11 is a work-in-progress created during the Monsoon 2010 encounters 

23 Dec 2010


Monsoon is a transcultural and multidisciplinary meeting platform for Asian and European artists. It brings together a group of artists from diverse disciplines or cultural policy-makers and three local zap-guests from diverse fields of science. Its process-oriented character aims at overcoming ready-made bilateral stereotypes through the collaborative exploration of artistic practices and the discussion of their diverse cultural and socio-political contexts.
Monsoon 2010 will take place in Leuven from December, 18th till 23rd and will consist of 4 European artists and 4 Asian artists. The artists will work in 4 European-Asian couples on new work in the field of contemporary dance, multimedia art, music and performance.

Participating Asian Artists: Eko Supriyanto (Indonesia), Moly Chan Vutgh (Cambodia), Choy Ka Fai (Singapore), Eisa Jocson (Philipines), Supporting video artist: Wen-Chi Su (Taiwan), Participating European Artists: André Erlen (Germany), Tom Verbrughen (The Netherlands), Sybille Wilson (France/United Kingdom), Ugo Dehaes (Belgium)



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