2014 Alpha



ALPHA is a collaboration of Arco Renz with award winning pole dancers Daniel Kok (Singapore) and Eisa Jocson (Philippines). Together with the kinetic force of the computer-controlled LED lighting fromTakayuki Fujimoto (Japan) and the fluvial soundscape by Marc Appart (Belgium), director Arco Renz (Kobalt Works) turns the principles of ‘verticality’ and ‘circularity’ in pole dancing into a highly-embodied expression set in a ‘synaesthetic’ environment.

The visceral and sensorial minefield of pole dancing provokes questions on the politics of gender and desire and the complicity of seduction and manipulation.


  • Choreography Arco Renz 
  • Choreography and performance Daniel Kok
  • Choreography and performance Eisa Jocson
  • Lighting Design Fujimoto Takayuki aka Kinsei 
  • Sound Design Marc Appart 
  • Producer Kobalt Works & Tang Fu Kuen
  • Production Management Yap Seok Hui 
  • Technical Management Razali Semuni & Joy  
  • Kobalt Works Company Management Ine Vander Elst
  • with the support of the Flemish government